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Flora The Psychic
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With 35 years experience, Flora has a gift that she describes as a capacity to connect with the client, without filtering or interpreting with her own mind, providing insight into the future and also into the physical aura of the client.

She is able to give ages and times of setbacks and progressions in a persons journey. A true psychic has to say what she sees and not what she interprets she sees.

Flora and her clients, who are lawyers, accountants, doctors, housewives and mothers, are constantly amazed at the accuracy of her gift.

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Floras' readings are honest and accurate. She is a talented psychic. All of the predictions have come true. 'Barbara'

I asked " How many will be at the conference?" Flora said 87 and thats exactly the number who paid. Flora gave me peace of mind and hope when my marriage broke down. 'Debbie'

My husband said all the things you said he was thinking were true, he asked to see my notes and was speechless. 'Amelia'

Your mediumistic gift is unbelievable, it has given me peace of mind. 'Ken'

Flora The Psychic
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